About Me

First & foremost I am a daughter of Christ. And on top of that I'm a 20 something wife, mommy & nurse married to my high school sweetheart. Not quite how you may think though.  We met during my freshman year (he was a senior) however we didn't start dating until almost 2 years later after he had graduated.  After 5 years of dating we decided it was time to tie the knot.

June 17, 2006

We almost immediately knew we wanted a family; but soon after starting to "try" I was diagnosed with PCOS. And after many pills, injections, doctor visits, iui's (x2) we found out we were expecting.

And on July 31, 2009 we welcome the most beautiful little box, Maddox Renn, in to our family.

And surprisingly enough, 1 week before Maddox's first birthday we found out we were expecting again.
We would soon go from infertility to Two Under Two.

On February 28, 2011 we welcomed our 2nd blessing; the most beautiful little girl, Emma Louise.

And to top all this off I love to bake/cook, shop & attempting to love running. I'm a true southern girl born & raised in NC that has a tad bit of an addiction to all things monogrammed. And I love to blog all about it plus you're sure to find some great reviews/giveaways along the way. So don't miss out!


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