Thursday, June 26, 2008


So, I've decided I'm probably the world's worse blogger.. not to mention probably the most boring. Nevertheless we do have a blog and I think it's past the time for a new post. You know being the last one was in March and it's now almost July.

The past week Josh & I went to Oak Island with his family. Which feels like years ago by this point. However, we had a wonderful time.

This is from our bedrooms balcony. Oh, how I'd love to be back there right now.

It's as if they see something other than water...haha...

Josh & I in Southport...the day of our 2nd anniversary!

I do believe this might be the seagull that pooped on me. Yes, it really did! We were on the fairy in Southport and plop bird poop on my leg!

It's not as obvious in the picture but a storm was brewing which we got caught in while we were on the fairy. Kinda scary...however we did survive!

Now just 3 more weeks and we'll be back there...can't wait!

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