Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Halloween

I was overly thrilled when I found the cutest costumes for "our kids". The lady in front of me at the checkout asked if I was going to take them door to door. Now, do I look like I'm completely insane? Can't you just see me now knocking on doors with my 2 little dogs asking for candy. Not hardly! They were just for my own little thrill. Being we don't have any "real" kids I suppose I have no choice but to dress up and spoil the only kids that we have. Perhaps one day soon God will bless us with some "real" kids. Now if only Zoe & Macy were as thrilled as I was. In fact the first thing they did was chew the antenna ball off of the bumblebee. How rude! But, thanks to my needle and thread I fixed that. Now, it's time to pull their Christmas dresses out!

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