Monday, December 8, 2008

Hilarious Day of Dress Shopping

On March 21st my dear friend Tara is getting married so yesterday we were off to David's Bridal for dress shopping. Tara, being such a wonderful person has allowed us to pick our own dress styles. Our only limitation is the color...cornflower blue. Sounds like we have it good! However, me not knowing how big I will be at the time told the sales lady that I needed to find something that would work for a pregnant lady. And luckily they had a pregnancy belly, haha! So, I strapped on the belly and I was off to trying on dresses. I looked HUGE so it was absolutely hilarious when another customer asked how many weeks I was. You should've seen her face when I said I was 6 weeks. She was like, " many are you having?" Then I politely explained that it was the "pregnancy belly". Just imagine how big I would be at 40 wks if I was already that big!

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