Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Update

So, we went today for our very first glimpse of our little one. Yes, and I'm happy to say our little ONE. So, no trading in the Jeep for a 15 passenger van. No Josh & Stephanie + 6 shows for us. We're overly joyed! Don't get me wrong we would have been happy with whatever God blessed us with but all we really wanted was a healthy baby. Our little one had the most precious heartbeat, 148 BPM. It was such a great sound to hear for the first time! We'll go back in 3 weeks for another glimpse at our little baby!

1 comment:

The Parker Family said...

That is really exciting! I am very happy for you guys!! You'll never know a love like what you'll have for your baby (especially for you, Stephanie)!


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