Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, despite the fact that I think he's been doing this for a week...Maddox is hiccuping all the time. I usually notice it after I eat but after wondering if it was little Maddox or "just gas" I decided to just pass it off. Hmmm...not really sure why I thought that... I've never felt gas like this. Haha! It's like a nice thump/plop from inside. Well, it's definitely him!

Other things we've accomplished in the last week:
  1. Cleaned out Maddox's closet & combined ours.
  2. We took down the waterbed in the nursery.
  3. We registered at Baby's R' Us & Target.

I also must add that Josh had a good 'ol time registering and was getting a little scanner happy. He also had a good time after he found out that I DO NOT like Winnie the Pooh "stuff". Good thing I can edit that online. Now come on....even if I liked Winnie the Pooh would I want a 6", 12" and 36" Winnie. Not hardly!!!! Now, don't get me wrong I liked watching Winnie the Pooh on TV but I DO NOT want a room decorated with him.

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