Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh WOW!!!!

Oh my! So, I knew I was getting bigger but I didn't realize how big I was until I saw this. Which, makes the comments I've been receiving even funnier.

Just today a patient asked if I had any children and I gave my usual response...
ME:Not yet, we'll have our first in August
Pt.: Oh, really you're pregnant?
Now, please don't say I normally look this big??????

Then here's a conversation from a patients husband from yesterday:
Pt's Husband (PH): How many are you having?
Me: Just ONE!!!!
PH: You must be 8 or 9 months.
Me: Not hardly, just 1/2 way.
PH: Well, then you're having more than one.
My thoughts after this conversation....Wow I must be a huge.

20 weeks, 5 days


The Parker's said...

Wow! What a whale!! Okay, Okay, I'm totally joking. I couldn't resist. I'm surprised I don't look like that after I ate all of that cake. Love the baby belly!! Looks like he's riding high for now! :-)

Rachel said...

You look cute! It's okay though. When my mom was like 8 months pregnant with Leslie, she was with a patient when a nurse asked when the due date was. The patient, this tiny little old lady, exclaimed, "You're having a baby?! I just thought you were getting fat, Dr. Pence!" So it's normal for patients to not have good judgement on these things.


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