Friday, May 29, 2009

30 weeks & Stay Tuned

So, I'm a little late posting but you'll have to excuse me for I don't have a computer set up at home as of right now. In order to make room for Maddox we're having to do a little moving around.

As of this past Monday, I am 30 weeks. Quite scary, being you generally deliver sometime in the 30's.

So what's going on with the little man:

Your baby's height and weight haven't changed much in the past week, but the big news is your baby's brain gain. Until now, the surface of your baby's brain was smooth. Now, his brain is taking on those characteristic grooves and indentations. The reason for this change in appearance? Those wrinkles allow for an increased amount of brain tissue — a necessary change as your developing baby prepares for life outside your womb, and the street smarts he or she will need. Another big change at 30 weeks pregnant: Your baby's bone marrow has taken over production of red blood cells (before, tissue groups and then the spleen took care of producing the blood cells). This is an important step for your baby, because it means he or she is better able to thrive on his or her own once born (with a little TLC from you, of course).
So it's in with the new (brain cells, red blood cells) and out with the old (lanugo). Much of the lanugo — the soft, downy hair covering your baby's body — is beginning to disappear now because both fat and the brain are regulating your baby's body temperature (so no need for that furry coat anymore). But you may see a few leftover strands of fur on your newborn's back and shoulders.

What I've learned over the past 30 wks:
  • Maddox does not like for me to sit still. When I sit he moves and boy do I mean he moves.
  • He is a night owl, much like myself.
  • All the nighttime bathroom breaks must be preparing me for what's to come.
  • Your feet will not pop...even if they swell to watermelon size
  • Swelling hurts like the dickens. Don't let anyone tell you that it doesn't
  • I don't have much control over my body at this point.
  • Despite what people tell you...your uterus is not going to POP

Stay tuned...I have another ultrasound (Yes, I'm aware I've already had 5) and my first 2-week appointment later today. After the ultrasound we'll be able to see just how big this boy is.

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