Friday, May 15, 2009

Appt & Such

I had a great appointment today other than the fact that I'm measuring 33 weeks and I'm only 28 1/2 weeks. Oh my!!! So, we will have another ultrasound in 2 weeks to see what Mr. Maddox is up to. Hopefully he's measuring right on schedule. The doctor seemed surprised to hear that just a month ago he was measuring right on schedule. So we will see if he's had a big growth spurt. I sure feel like I'm carrying one BIG watermelon. I guess this is why everyday I get the same responses... Are you sure there's just one???? Makes you wonder but there is NO WAY that you can have 5 ultrasounds and not know.

With all being said everything else was great. His heartbeat was 132/minute. However, it did take her quite awhile to get an accurate counting because he was all over the place after the wonderful orange drink I had to drink for the glucose screening. But then again he usually is all over the place...he is one active boy.

My fingers are crossed that all comes back well with the glucose test. We shall know in a week or so.....

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