Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This past weekend I had my 1st baby shower hosted by my dear friend Tara (Thanks again). Everything was decorated in rubber duckies. She even had them in the bathroom! I received so many wonderful gifts and had so much fun. Thank you everybody for making it such a special day!
I got the comfy chair! One of the perks of being pregnant.
Some of the very cute rubber ducks.

Thanks everyone for all the GREAT gifts!
This was one of the games that she had planned. Everyone had to cut off a ribbon for how big they thought the belly was. Onnah (Josh's youngest sister) was pretty much dead on. I don't think she could've gotten any closer.

My wonderful host & friend, Tara. Thank you so much! (Hmmm...looks likes she thinking about something)

I had always said if I hosted a baby shower I would put rubber ducks in the punch. I had forgotten but I had mentioned this to her mother when I first got pregnant. So sweet of them to remember. And so very cute! I absolutely loved it.

A very clever game! As each guest came in they had to guess when the baby (which was frozen in ice) would be born. My sister just happened to win this one.

Yummy cupcakes!

The super cute cake that Tara made for me. I almost cried when I cut this one. It was so cute!

One of my wonderful gifts. These were made by my grandmother.

Thanks again everyone!

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