Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Come out...come out

Maddox can officially come...we've had our very last shower. It was pushing it to the tail end a little, but Josh's work recently announced that they wanted to do us a shower. Which was extremely nice. Unfortunately I've gotten a bit lazy so I didn't take any photos but I promise it was very nice. There was wonderful food & of course a cake. They even had some Dr. Pepper for me...yummm! I'm also relieved that we now have our Pack N' Play. I even set it up for the heck of it...just to see how easy it would be. Now it's resting back in it's bag. Josh's coworkers and the volunteers are so wonderful & generous to us.

Thanks to EVERYONE! We've had such wonderful family & friends during our pregnancy. Not quite sure what we would've done without everyone.

Now it's time to meet the little guy! (::send labor dust::)

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