Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gotta Work It

As I mentioned a week or so ago, I hate exercising but I am desperately trying to shed the pounds. I'm not one of those that it just falls off of, so I MUST WORK AT IT. And being this is the only way I know to do it, I have been working my patootie off. I've also been trying to eat healthier. I'm also considering getting P90x (anybody have any success stories??). And in order to help keep me accountable, I have decided to blog about it.

My ultimate goal is to weigh what I did just a few years ago (well almost 4), before pregnancy & fertility drugs. I am definitely not putting my long term goal, because when I think about the BIG weight loss number it can be a bit discouraging. I am doing this solely for myself to feel the best and the healthiest for ME.

I have been exercising at least 5-6 days a week for almost 3 1/2 weeks now. I feel that this is a pretty good accomplishment for me because it is hard to stay at it. I'd like to say that everyday gets easier but I still STRONLY DISLIKE it but I am liking what the scale is starting to do. However I am commiting to do this at least 6 days a week until I start back to work on October 15th. Then I will have no choice but to drop down to 4 days/week. When working 12 hour shifts it's almost impossible to get in an hour of I would like to see Maddox & my husband for at least a little bit.

So far, since July 31st (the day Maddox was born), I have lost around 32 pounds. I would love to continue to lose 4-5 lbs/week but I know it won't be that easy. I'm going to set myself short-term goals until I reach my ultimate goal.

My 1st short-time goal: Lose 10 more lbs by Halloween (Oct. 31st)

I've scrummaged through some old pictures, and found a few before weight pictures (I'm not saying they're the greatest or prettiest pictures) but they're what I want to look like again.

My Dad and I at the rehearsal for our wedding (a little over 3 years ago).

Not the best picture...but I think it shows that I was once nice and toned. Now, if I can get to looking like that again.

I almost hate seeing my present pictures, but at the same time I want to be able to look back and see me with Maddox as a baby. I have such a long way to get to looking like what I used to, but here are a few NOW pictures that show me now.

I'm hiding a bit of the weight with cute Maddox in front of me

I ultimately want to be "skinny" by Christmas. Until I reach my goal I plan on blogging on my journey to skinniness & updating everyone on my week of exercising (being I'm starting this on a Sunday...I'm going to set my week of updates for Sunday's).

**If anyone has any extra advice for reaching my goal feel free to chime in**

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Rachel said...

I remember when I first saw that picture of you throwing your bouquet I thought, "Wow, Stephanie is ripped!" :)

You'll get back there. It still kind of bothers me that I wasn't at my ideal weight at my wedding. I obviously don't know any great weight loss secrets (I'm still trying!) but these are the things I was doing everytime I lost weight in the past:

Eating more fruits and vegetables and less of everything else
Drinking LOTS of water
Strength Training
Different Kinds of Cardio (Running, aerobics, dancing, etc.)

Even though I know these things work for me, I still don't always do them though! I can run all I want, but that alone does not work for me.

Good luck! You've come a long way already.


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