Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One Month & Doctor Visit

I have been so busy, it seems everyday since Friday we have had something to do. On Friday we went to visit Josh at work & I had a party to go to that night. Saturday I went with Mom & my sister to get their hair done; Sunday we had pictures; Monday we had Maddox's 1-month checkup; and Tuesday I had my postpartum appointment & I hosted a party that night. Which takes a lot when you have a little one to plan around. Going anywhere at all takes so much preparing & planning. I'm completely worn out by this point so today is a JUST RELAX day. I may hop on the eliptical or treadmill for a bit but other than that I'm not doing anything.

On Monday, Maddox went to his 1-month Checkup (Isn't it so sad, my baby is already a month old). He got his 2nd Hepatitis B vaccine (poor little guy). As far as his stats:

Weight: 10 lbs 3 oz (50-75%...however closer to 50)
Height: 23 inches (90-97%...they're saying he'll soon be off the charts)
Head: 38 cm (50-75%)

The doctor says he's well proportioned. It's so hilarious though, everytime they measure his height they just look at me and ask...Your husband is tall, RIGHT? Yep, not taking after me at all.

The poor little guy also has a bit of flat head (Plagiocephaly) on the right side. However, if we diligently work on this, he will hopefully not have to have a helmet (please pray). Our pediatrician says that he doesn't make that decision til after 6 months due to the fact that the bones shift so much within that time. I suppose it's not the worst thing in the world, but I will cry if he has to get a helmet. Since then I have managed to sandwich him in between the sleep positioner on his side. Otherwise he turns his head over; he really prefers to lay on his right side of his head. Another thing that the pediatrican suggested was to hold him in our right arm so that pressure is not applied to that side. Otherwise our little guy is completely healthy.

Just a little side note, I bought Maddox's Halloween costume yesterday. Come back tomorrow & I will have a post on his costume. It's VERY CUTE!

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Running 365 said...

I hope when we have kids that they'll get the "tall daddy" gene, too!


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