Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One of Those Mornings

We all have them from time to time and today was my day & most likely you will find it quite humorous so I thought I would share.

As I was sitting on the couch feeding Maddox I kept seeing a glimpse (the blinds were closed) of something running by...hmmm. I got up a couple times to look before I saw it or them for that matter....the horses were out (For those that don't know I live on a family land on a miniature horse farm). And of course no one else was at home except for Grandpa who was asleep in the barn. So, I placed Maddox in his swing to babysit himself (poor kid) and I was out the door (oh and by the way I was already dressed to go out to lunch with a friend). And of course it was a yucky day outside. Misting rain & of course already muddy.

For those that have never experienced anything like this, animals that are loose like to run & especially 5 stallions. In fact they even like to take off down the road. But, thank goodness for DOT men working on the road & thank goodness they felt bad enough for me that they decided to help. Otherwise I would still be chasing those darn things. It's not like they get to do that everyday. Plus I think they thought it was quite amusing especially when I fell in the mud (and remember I was dressed to go out and eat).

Needless to say I was late for my lunchdate but better late than never I suppose. Just one of those mornings!


Suzette said...

Oh man, what a hectic morning.... I just have to sit down & laugh when i have mornings like that... Hope your day went better than your morning!

The Graham Trio said...

OMG...So dang funny!!! LOL!! Btw, we still have not met up for lunch yet. How about next Friday?


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