Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Beginning to Look A Lot like Christmas

Here lately you're able to find Maddox decked out in his Christmas duds...but this one is extra special.

This is the very first thing that I bought after finding out we were expecting, even before we knew what we were having. It is such a simple outfit that fit perfectly for either boy or girl. Plus it is so incredibily soft. But, I did fail to think about the fact that white is extremly hard to keep clean especially now that we're eating sweet potatoes & green beans. The things that you never think about before having kids.

But on another note, before having kids you don't have anyone to dress up in fun Christmas gear...well except your poor dogs. We're even saving a couple extra outfits specifically for this Saturday...Chistmas Pictures!!!

1 comment:

Taylor Elise said...

He looks adorable under the tree, like a little present!


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