Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Adventures

There's no better excuse than a BIG (For North Carolina) SNOW to take pictures of "Little M". Unfortunately it took us 3 days to get out to take them. Working the weekend really threw that off :(. But I couldn't let the opportunity pass by without taking a few pictures even if it was after a few inches had already melted. Plus it's not like we get that many snow's.
Poor Maddox, didn't much like his snowsuit. It's a bit hard for him to sit up in it which is a major deal for him. He does not like to lay down, he would rather be sitting up so he can be part of whatever is going on.
As you can see the snow was starting to melt so you can see a few strands of grass.

The sun has definitely came out.

The cutest eskimo ever

1 comment:

Running 365 said...

He is so adorable out in the snow! He looks like such a little man sitting up the he could up and join the Winter Olympics!


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