Wednesday, February 10, 2010

These Past Few

Since Sunday it has just been Maddox & I and boy are we ready for Daddy to be back home! Josh left early Sunday morning to head to Ohio for a conference for his new job that he'll be starting in March and as of right now he is still not back home. He is in route so our fingers are crossed that the snow doesn't keep him from making it home tonight. Let me just tell you...I DO NOT know how single parents do it and stay sane. Well, actually I would've been fine except that we have WAY TOO MANY pets to tend to and that are just a bit spoiled & I was gone 16+ hours on Tuesday. Ummm yeah. Luckily I have a great mother who keeps "Little M" for me or who knows what I would have done. However, Maddox must have been a bit upset that he didn't get to see Mommy or Daddy on Tuesday because he started crying in his sleep. I would go in his room & his eyes would be closed but he would randomly cry out in his sleep (which he HAS NEVER EVER done before) so I ended up having to wake him up so he could see his Mommy. Then the rest of the night was fine, well except for the darn dogs that think they must wake up at all hours of the night. Seriously want to strangle them!

So, what have we been up to these past few days while Daddy is away....
We've done a little shopping

And had some snack time. Which we've found a new love...Gerber's little cruchie's (they look like mini cheese puffs)

We've been working on the crawling

And we've done a little chillin

Oh, and we've been working on our musical skills

Needless to say though, it's time Daddy comes home.


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