Friday, April 30, 2010


Where has the time gone? I know everyone says this but seriously it does not feel like 9 months since the day I was being wheeled to the OR for a STAT c-section. Or even 18 months since our dream of pregnancy became reality after after many months of prayers & infertility. And now I have a babbling, cruising, baby (ahem...almost toddler that's birthday is only 3 months away). Seriously now, where has the time gone???

As of 9 months we're...

  • crawling around at lightning speeds

  • We weigh in at 21 lbs & are 29 1/2 inches

  • Cruising around & pulling up on EVERYTHING

  • Opening every drawer & every cabinet (oh my)

  • Saying "bye, bye", "uh, oh", "da da"

  • Loves to fake cough & blow raspberries

  • Loves ANYTHING with wheels

  • LOVES to drive

  • Wearing 12 months & 18 month clothing

  • Still in size 3 diapers

  • Continue to take at least a 2 hour morning nap & at least an hour evening nap

  • Sleeps 10-12 hours at night

  • Eating stage 3 babyfood, little crunchies, puffs, yogurt melts, YoBaby yogurt, rice rusks, and some real food

  • Drinks formula 3 times/day

  • LOVES the color orange
  • We know how to play peek-a-boo. And will play with whatever is in sight; whether it's a shower curtain or a blanket.
  • Loves being outside and starts getting excited when we start heading to the door

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