Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our 8 Month Old

Wow, it is so hard to believe that we're just a few months away from the BIG 1. I just love this stage....however so far I have loved every stage, lol. But truly this is such a fun stage and "Little M" no longer seems like a baby, which I must add is very sad. So what are we up to these days:

  • Wearing size 6-12 months (growing out of these), 12 months & some 12-18 months

  • We're pulling up on any & everything

  • We can crawl 90 miles/hr...maybe not that fast but seriously fast, and he loves to look back over his shoulder as he's crawling somewhere he shouldn't, just to see if I'm following. And if I am he speeds up & starts laughing...

  • We're ALWAYS on a mission.

  • We love ANYTHING with wheels especially if they're upside down where we can spin them around and around and around again.

  • We talk ALL the time. Lately his favorite sound is baa or bah. Oh & we love to scream just to get attention...even if it's at the grocery store. And umm yeah we're quite loud.

  • We got our VERY first haircut.

  • We're wearing size 3 diapers

  • And even though there's not an 8 month appointment I'm pretty sure we're between 19-20 lbs & 29 inches or so

  • We DO NOT like the Earth's Best stage 3 vegetable casserole babyfoods, not at all

  • We continue to eat solids 3 times/day and now (just this week) take formula 3 times/day

  • We have started getting up earlier, so sad, between 7:30-9 typically. However we do still take 1 to naps. Definitely a morning one after breakfast for 2+ hours. And typically an evening one if there is time.

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