Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our Easter

Wow, I just love Easter! And now it's even better with Maddox. Unfortunately the day is never long enough to fit everything in. We started our Easter Sunday off with church then headed to my in-laws for lunch. The plan was to have supper with my family just never happened. We had a litter of Havanese (dogs) back in December and still had one LOUD & MESSY puppy left so when someone called wanting to come see him we DEFINITELY wanted to be available. And, S-C-O-R-E, he is sold and off to his new home in Gastonia, NC. This in itself made for a good Easter!

Now, time to bore you with pictures and my ramblings. But, as I look back on the first years with Maddox I want to be able to relive it through my blog. So, bear with me as I document his 1st year.

Originally all 3 of us were going to match, because I'm like that. Maddox had his argyle purple & green sweater & purple linen shirt. Josh had his purple polo & linen pants & my green dress (which I so did not buy the day before). Way to put it off to the last minute. However, my grandmother surprised (I just didn't realize she was making something) me the night before with an adorable European style smocked romper for "Little M". So, we had an even better Easter wardrobe.

Needless to say our shopping trip, the day before, was quite interesting. Maddox, who has only thrown up one other time in his life decided to throw up in the car 20 minutes out from the house. Yuck! And I would have never known it except for the fact that I could see it in his mirror. And might I add that he was playing in it (double YUCK). It definitely didn't bother him, so I'm thinking the combination of a hot car & eating lunch immediately before leaving EQUALED a big yuck! So, after turning back around and carrying the BIG car seat with him still in it to the tub we were back off to the mall.

I just love that Maddox has a cousin so close in age to share all the 1st Holidays! Next year we will definitely need an Easter egg hunt and egg dying and EVERYTHING else. And perhaps I should have taken Maddox to sit on the Easter bunny's lap, but I didn't for the mere fact that I find him quite creepy. I mean seriously, a BIG HAIRY BUNNY with a creepy smile.

We have had such beautiful, summer-like, weather lately. I just love it!
Everybody just had to have their pictures made with the babies.

I am still figuring out my camera from Christmas. I just wish I knew how to work all the settings. And unfortunately near the end I got it adjusted to how I liked for a well lit outdoor picture. Next time I will know!

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Rachel said...

"Originally all 3 of us were going to match, because I'm like that."

That made me literally laugh out loud. That statement and the fact that you have Maddox's birthday party all planned out 4 months ahead remind me of when we first met in middle school. You ALWAYS had everything organized and I just did not know what to make of that! (I don't think you knew what to make of my disorganization!)

All the pictures are so cute! I like the outdoor family shots a lot better than Easter Bunny in the mall.


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