Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Real Food, Pretty Please

I have learned that Maddox is not a big fan of the 3rd foods (minus the fruit ones) unless they're plain (sweet potatoes, PLAIN green beans). I had thought it was because of the thicker testure...but I'm starting to think it's a bit more. He hates the lasanga one, the rice & greenbean mixed & any of those other casserole type ones. Perhaps this is because I always make him eat all of his one food (vegetable) before his next (fruit). Maybe I should start mixing it up or perhaps those casserole foods are just plain nasty. That's a thought! Or maybe it's because he wants REAL FOOD. You heard me...Maddox loves to feed himself.

And since starting this it's like fighting to let me feed him with a spoon. He clamps his mouth shut & pushes me away with his hands which creates a mess. So sad, my not so little baby wants to be
But, what in the world do you feed a baby for lunch??? I NEVER cook lunch and I don't always cook something for supper that he can eat. I suppose this may have to change. And another thing, I hate food messes. I CANNOT stand to wash dishes for this particular reason. There is nothing grosser to me than mashed up/ half eaten food. Goodness, I think I better get used to it...

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