Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Special Day

This past Sunday, we had Maddox baptised. It was such a beautiful day & so wonderful having our family & friends to share the day with. However, I was REALLY slacking on the photo's. I didn't even pull my camera out until after we had all eaten. So no pictures of the adorable (and delicious, I might add) cupcakes that my SIL & I made with the cute cupcake toppers. No pictures of the actual baptism and no pictures of everyone chowing down on lunch. Really, I was slacking on the photos. I will have to rely on my MIL who I know took tons of pics. But for now....

Our little family with the Pastor

I also realize I don't have any good pictures of his outfit...I do believe I will have to dress him up again just for pics (the same with his Easter outfit)

But either way it was a very special day!

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