Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Great Week

Despite the fact that I got up before 7 on my day off & that I got a personal phone call from Maddox's doctor on Monday concerning his labwork (hold on, I will explain) it has and is going to be a great week. Tonight, is GIRL'S NIGHT OUT and I got to pick the restaurant. I also started off today by winning a giveaway from Three kids, a mini-van and a lot of love for a set of Alphabet blocks for Maddox from Magens Bay Designs on my favorite site Etsy. They're so adorably cute and I can't wait to get them. On top of all of this I get to spend the day with my favorite little man and the flowers are blooming.

On to Maddox's labwork...when we went in this past Friday for his 9 month check-up his pediatrician wanted to do a routine CBC (blood count). Which is all fine and dandy despite the fact that I had to be the one to hold my poor child as they squeezed his poor finger to obtain blood. But, I do this to kids everyday so I know how it has to be. So, come Monday evening when I saw the pediatrician's number come across on caller id...I was quite puzzled. It seems as if his RBC (red blood cell's) and Hgb (hemoglobin) have came back a little high. There can be lots of causes...dehydration, hemoconcentrated blood or a viral infection (so I'm trying not to worry, at least they were high instead of low) poor little guy has to go back in 3-4 weeks for a redraw. I'm a bit anxious over the whold redraw due to the fact that I just know the lab girl is going to have a hard time getting a venous (because it's a redraw they want a vein stick instead of a finger poke) draw opposed to the typical finger stick. He is at that stage where he has numerous fat pads which hide those blue lines and not to mention they probably don't do venous sticks very often. And this Momma has to hold him during this period and did I mention he doesn't like to sit still at all.

I have 2 of these rose bushes, which just get bigger and bigger every year. Believe it or not 4 years ago they started out itty bitty. I have even trimmed them back several times. However, I have forbidden Josh to do so after he killed my prettiest rose bush a couple years back. Every year I look forward to seeing the blooms.

I am determined that this week is going to be a great one, in fact I am determine this month is going to be great. Not only is my 1st True Mother's Day this month but it is also my birthday month. Yes, that's right I claim the whole month as my month and I love it!

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The Graham Trio said...

We both LOVE the month of May for the same reasons...Mother's Day and our birthday!! Yet, another thing we share. Lots of love!!


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