Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh No!

Friday morning, Maddox woke up at 8:30 screaming his little head off.  I thought it was a little odd because typically he wakes up playing...but I preceded to perform his normal morning routine.  Diaper change then bottle.  Almost through his typical 8 oz bottle he SPEWED everywhere. And oh yes I do mean everywhere, we were both soaked.  This however is not the oddest of things for him.  Since switching to formula almost 2 months ago he has thrown up on several occasions, I think the formula is just a bit harsher on his stomach than breatmilk was.  I immediately threw him in the tub, which he preceded to scream the WHOLE time.  Another odd thing for him, because bathtime is his love.  So, by this time I'm thinking oh dear, he's SICK!   

He has had a runny nose for the past couple of weeks, but it has not seemed to bother him so I haven't thought too much of it.  No fever. He had not been pulling at his ears, hmmm??? What could it be?  After a dose of Tylenol he seemed okay, but being it was Friday and the beginning of a holiday weekend I didn't want to chance it.  Plus, when I pulled (I only did this to check for pain) on his right ear he screamed and pulled away...with the left ear nothing.  So, I had made my diagnosis...right otitis media. 

So, we were off to the doctor...and sure enough he has right otitis media.  Poor little guy!  The whole time we were there he screamed and was inconsolable...his Tylenol had worn off.  At least the doctor was able to see how miserable he was.  Hopefully we caught it early and hopefully the antibiotic works quickly.  It's so hard seeing him hurt. And luckily I didn't wait around to see if he felt better because by evening time he was running a 102.5 temperature.   

And because there's positive in EVERYTHING, he was super cuddly all we tried to soak that up.  And we have been 10 months with just a cold.  Hopefully this will be our 1st and last ear infection....a girl can wish can't she?

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Running 365 said...

Poor little thing! At least you know what you're doing when he's sick. Whenever my future babies are sick, I'll just be making phone calls to you or my mom. : )

Hopefully he'll make a quick recovery!


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