Monday, May 3, 2010

Poor Little Guy

It seems as if Maddox has inherited my wonderful seasonal allergies. In elementary school I was always the kid that had to bring my OWN box of kleenex because I sneezed ALL THE TIME and had SUPER BIG yucky sneezes. Yeah, how embarassing!! Well, poor "Little M" seems to be suffering from allergies as well, his poor little eyes get all puffy, watery and red. Yesterday he seemed as if he was miserable and could hardly open his right eye. And of course we were out somewhere and had no medicine with us. So a not so quick trip to the pharmacy...which was out of Tylenol & Benadryl....actually come to find out there was a recall. However, I did find one bottle of each which I ended up getting the benadryl free because the poor little lady couldn't understand that the reason that the $1 off coupon (that was off the bottle) wasn't ringing up because she had somehow managed to not scan the Benadryl. I even tried to tell her. So, the manager came over and manually entered the $1 off all in all they paid me $1 for getting Benadryl. Ummmm, yeah, NICE.

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