Wednesday, June 2, 2010

10 Months

So, I'm a couple days late...but on Monday, May 31st Maddox turned 10 months old.  And I know I've said this over and over but SERIOUSLY WHERE HAS TIME GONE.  And another thing, boy is it hard to get a picture these days....

Just look at what we went through to get 1 or 2 "good ones"

Being I couldn't get him to sit still, I tried giving him the remote (which he LOVES) to play with....

but he preceded to throw it down

Then we tried "his" chair because it's so cute...

Didn't like that


And of course he wanted me to hold him.  Which I wouldn't mind except that I needed wanted a picture

Which only made him furious...

So, he climbed down and he was off

to pull things out of his dresser

And of course I had shut the door in attempts to contain him

Which he was furious about & preceded to scream & bang on the door

please Mom let me of course I opened it and HE WAS OFF

So, I DID NOT get any "real good" pictures

So, this one will have to do because I need something to document his 10 Months

Seriously, I am worn out again after posting those pictures and thinking about all I went through to get just ONE picture.  And you ask what we're up to these days at 10 MONTHS....

  • You're 21 lbs 1 ounces (as of Friday when we visited for our 1st ear infection)
  • You still wear 12 & 18 months (for the length) clothing. 
  • You wear size 3 diapers
  • You eat some table foods and Stage 3 babyfood.  You DO NOT like the casserole style babyfoods so finding Stage 3's that are not is quite an ordeal.
  • You love any bread product (that's my boy)
  • You can cruise around with our walk to stand toys or with furniture
  • You can stand alone but you've only taken 1 step on your own
  • You crawl SUPER DUPER fast
  • You Love the outdoors.  So much that you cry & pitch a fit to go out.  And of course cry when we have to go indoors.
  • You sleep 12+ hours at night.  Typically going bed around 9.  And occasionally even sleep until 11.
  • You take a 2-3 hour morning nap and usually a 2+ evening nap.
  • You love to drive. 
  • You can say "bye, bye", "da da", "hut oh" but no Mama
  • You love the dogs and love to get in their faces and talk
  • You love water, especially the dog bowls or toilet (ummm yeah, if you come over please shut the lid)
  • You had your 2nd haircut this month
  • You had your 1st ear infection this past Friday, so you're on your 1st antibiotic
  • You have 3 teeth that are completely in and about 5 more visible ones
  • You're such a WONDERFUL little boy

And because we're only 2 months away from the BIG ONE there will be a party planning post coming soon.


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LeAnn said...

Oh My goodness! He is just adorable! I cant believe he is 10 months already & Presley is 9. :( They grow so fast. Soon we will be talking about starting school. Sorry he had his first ear infection. Thats tough. Presley has Strep :( Poor things are just pitiful when they are sick.


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