Friday, June 25, 2010

Hot Days

Boy, has it been hot which equals fun in the sun at the lake.  This past Saturday we headed out for Maddox's first lake trip.  We were a little hesitant of how things would go at first but we managed to stay out for 6 hours (WOW).  He wasn't quite sure about the rocking motion in the beginning.  Also, he was a bit cranky and in need of a nap.  We are talking about the baby that takes a 3 hour nap everyday.  And how in the world would he nap on a boat?

But, we were wrong....after eating lunch he crashed and crashed and crashed for almost 3 hours.  And when I say crashed I seriously mean crashed.  You could touch him and he wouldn't even move.  We don't even sleep like that home.

After waking up, he ate a snack...and he was a happy camper for the remainder of the time. 

We had such a good time spending the day as a family and we were super excited when Mimi & my Sis joined us for the last couple of hours.  I seriously thought my mom (Mimi) would NEVER EVER get on a boat.  She is the type of person that gets sick floating on a pool float.  But just for proof,


Mimi & Maddox

And the great thing is SHE LOVED IT and can't wait to go back out. 

Here's our day in pictures...

We also discovered (THANKFULLY) that the boat along with the mast (it's a sailboat) can fit under the powerlines. 

Such a wonderful time, we can't wait to get out there again....too bad I have to work this weekend :(.

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