Monday, June 21, 2010


So it's been awhile which EQUALS major catchup. Not only have we celebrated our 4 YEAR anniversary during my lapse in blogging but also Dear Hubs' 1st FATHER'S DAY! I'm not even sure what is most important. Perhaps our Anniversay being that's the whole reason he get's to celebrate Father's Day at all. So, 1st things first...OUR 4TH ANNIVERSARY!

We have came so far in the past 4 years.  It has truly been amazing.  I look forward to spending a lifetime together. 

June 17, 2006----The Day I married my Best Friend

What an Amazing moment

Sharing a prayer together, the way every marriage should begin

The places we've been, the experiences we've had all in these past 4 years

Beach 2008

Beginning a New Chapter in our lives

It is so hard to believe what 4 years can do, I can't even imagine what 4 years from now will look like.  However, I look forward to every moment of it. 

Our Anniversary was truly wonderful, despite the fact that I worked all day on the day of (and the day after for that matter).  However, we did celebrate on Saturday.  Josh gave me 2 new charms for my Pandora bracelet (almost have it full, YAY) and a new pair of Rainbows.

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