Sunday, July 18, 2010


Wow, these past couple of weeks have been such a blur....with a mini vacation and a "real" vacation and throw in some birthday planning and you have a very busy couple of weeks. 

So, just a bit of a recap...over the 4th of July weekend we headed to the mountains for the miniature horse show. And oh yes, for those that don't actually know me, I do live on a farm! Now, don't get too excited there's no showing on my part. However, my brother and sister both show. And of course it was a nice excuse to get away for a few days for a mini vacation. Also, it was Maddox's first overnight trip away from home. 

It was so nice to just get away for a few days as a family!  I was a little nervous about how well Maddox would do sleeping in the same room as us.  However, he slept just fine which was a nice reliever being we were heading to the beach in just a few days...

All 3 of us enjoyed having breakfast in the room.  And despite the fact that it wasn't a fancy breakfast it's amazing how good it is when you don't have to fix it. Which I must add also makes the coffee taste better....

We even allowed Maddox to eat breakfast in our bed....I'm sure the maid just loved us.  I honestly tried to clean up after him...but cheerios tend to scatter. And muffins and biscuits make quite a mess I must say.  But it was vacation...and he had a good time.

 When we weren't at the arena we were either resting (which was super nice) or swimming in the pool.  We honestly didn't do a whole lot while there.  It was just nice to relax and not have to worry about keeping a house clean or cooking meals...

 Maddox did so well and had a blast playing in the stands of the arena. 

And, even though I don't have a picture (I honestly tried to take one with my phone but it wouldn't turn out)... The one night we all (15+ people) headed out to Carraba's for supper.  They had called ahead to reserve seats but the waiters not realizing we had a baby sat us at a bar level table.  Being there was so many of us it wasn't really reasonable to request to sit somewhere else so we just grabbed a highchair which of course only came up to our knees. However, after a waitresses suggestion of stacking highchair's (3) upon each other Maddox was also at bar level. When the waitress suggested it I of course had to ask "that really works"... It of course didn't sound like the safest idea but she assured me they do that all the time.  Needless to say he definitely wore the safety belt...  Seriously, have you ever heard of doing that???

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Suz said...

Oh my word... No, I have never heard of that and I don't think that was very safe on their part! lol..


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