Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fun in The Sun- Part 1

he beach has to be my all time favorite place so of course my hope is that my son will love it as much as his Daddy & I do.  I was just sure he'd love it...he loves the water and loves the outdoors.  So, you'd think that the beach would be the perfect place.  I've honestly been looking forward to this trip since last year.  I have gone to the beach EVERY YEAR except last summer when I was pregnant.  So, of course this was a much anticipated trip.  And not only do I love the beach but I love spending time with my family including my parents and siblings.  So, it couldn't have been more perfect.

The first day we were down there we walked down to the shore to show him.......and boy was I wrong.  He screamed like I had never heard him scream.  He didn't cry he just screamed a VERY SHRILL terrifed scream.  He was shaking ALL OVER!  He was absolutely terrified.  We honestly were not sure what we would do.

Honestly this picture doesn't capture his fear but this was our 1st night when we took him down to show him the "beach".

Perhaps it was just because he was tired from the 4 hour drive down (which he didn't sleep any of).  Or because it was new or the sound of the waves.  Who knows?

The next day he warmed up a little but still wouldn't walk or crawl in it.  At least he wasn't screaming or shaking.  I was so fearful that we would have a repeat of the night before that we bought him a little blow-up pool to take down to the shore. 

But, thankfully he learned to love the beach and soon had no fear of it!  We were very lucky to be able to go and spend a week with my family...but we were even luckier that The Hubs family was at another beach only an hour away.  So, of course they drove over to spend the day on the beach with us.

 Wondering what "this" (kayak) thing is.  Of course if it looks like it's for riding or driving HE LOVES IT.

And you didn't believe me....luckily by the next day it was much better

Oh, and this was scary.... Josh decided to take the kayak out "for fun"

And if that doesn't look scary enough, look at this

Ummm, yeah seriously!?!? And of course there have been several shark bites in the area recently.  And you chance it by going out even further.  NOT ME!

Luckily he made it back safely, only after flipping IT OVER!

Josh's sister (Onnah) with Paisley (niece) and Maddox
And, after all that playing it was time to curl up with Grandma (Josh's mom) for a much needed nap.

How adorable is that?

He would have slept forever if it wasn't time to come in....

Part 2 to come...


Caitrin said...

such cute pictures! what the perfect family getaway!

LeAnn said...

Very cute! BTW you look fabulous!!!

carlotta said...

adorable pictures! and you said there were *shark bitings* in the area?! you couldn't get me to stick my toe in!


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