Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun In The Sun...Part 2

I have so many pictures that I'm dying to show...which is the main reason that  I devided the beach post in to 2 parts.  I'm also extremely happy to say that by the 3rd day Maddox was loving the beach.  In fact we all loved it so much we stayed an extra day.  We can't wait to go back...come on Summer 2011! 

Plus, I must finish with my beach posts so I can finish party preparing.... the pom-poms are hung, the wreath is for that banner.  Dreading cutting out letters.  Any suggestions on how to make that easier?? I even looked at Michaels for sticker letters, but none were big enough. YIKES!

Oh and of course the cookie favors...hoping that doesn't become a total disaster.  Fun, Fun!
Now for some FUN IN THE SUN
Playing with Daddy

After that 3rd day we had a hard time keeping up with "Little M".  He would seriously be off in a second.  No fear whatsoever.  Much better than the terrified screaming.

And if he wasn't crawling, we were walking all over....and guess who's now walking more than crawling

Me and my Little Man...loving it. 

The water can't scare me (such a GIGANTIC difference from that first night)

He absolutely loved pushing his truck all over

He has became such a little show-off lately.  He just loves making you laugh.  In fact if you don't find something funny it breaks his heart and he crys. 
Needless to say the beach wore us all out, especially Maddox.  The first night we were home he went to bed at 6 and preceded to sleep 16 hours!!!  Honestly, he would have slept longer but I heard him stirring and after 16 hours this Momma was starting to worry.  And come 6:00 that night, we were back in bed.  Poor little guy!  Thankfully we are now rested up and ready to P-A-R-T-Y!!!


Amanda @ My Everyday said...

too cute! I can't wait to take mine back to the beach!

Maria in Lewis Land said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. Look at your precious sweet potato! It sounds like someone has a birthday coming up. Have a ball!

Kati @ "along for the ryde..." said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog! I hope you'll be back! Maddox is TOO cute, and I LOVE his name...if I ever have another little boy, that name will be in the running! Hope you guys have a great week!

Kati @ "along for the ryde..." said...

I just saw that Maddox and I have the same birthday...VERY soon! He will be ONE! WOW how times flies huh!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDOX!


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