Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Bit Scary

Today, I went in for my 12 week OB check.  But when it came time to find Baby H's heartbeat with the doppler it was no where in sight (or should I say hearing range).  The sweet girl kept on trying and then preceded to get another tech.  They kept telling me how normal that was and how the baby can hide and how small the baby is right now...of course trying to keep me calm.  Neither girl could find it!  So even though I know that it is sometimes hard at 12 weeks to find it...of course by this point I'm starting to freak out.  And of course I was all by myself.  So, the next step was to send me over to ultrasound which you would know I had to wait another 30 minutes for.  Sitting in the exam room all by myself, shaking & praying & texting my poor husband and friend.  My friend even offered to come sit with me.  All I could do was pray for the safety of my unborn child. 

So, 30 plus minutes later I was off to the ultrasound room.  Immediately when the doctor (the tech had left early) placed the wand on my belly there he/she was moving around.  And PRAISE GOD there was a nice strong heartbeat at 168 bpm.  What a relief!!  But needless to say we had quite a scare today. 

But, on the bright side I did get to see our sweet babe again today!! And I scheduled the BIG ultrasound for October 8th.  The countdown has begun. 

Oh, and because I haven't is a 12 week picture.  Ignore the fact that I have PJ bottoms on.  And just in case you're wondering why it's not a full body picture...trying to hide the fact that my hair was a total mess and I had no makeup on. 

(Actually I did take this on Sunday despite the fact that I said I didn't take any pictures.  I was a bit embarassed by the fact that I was such a bum that day)

Oh and lesson learned, you should never skip a shower especially when you worked out because the next day when you have to work the power may be out.  And when you live in the country no power = no water.  Thank goodness for family that lives near work. 


Caitrin said...

oh what a scary experience! so glad you were able to see the baby and that everything is ok!

LeAnn said...

Oh my, I am glad that everything worked out!!! Baby just wanted you to have a chance to see them again!
Thanks for the comment on my blog. Its funny, after two boys I always said she would always be in a dress and hairbows. Well she doesnt always wear a dress but she ALWAYS has a hairbow. I think we have gone out once without the hairbow and I then bought a travel thing for them and keep several clippies in it in the diaper bag lol. Cant wait until you find out if Maddox is going to have a baby bro or sis!!!

Andrea said...

You have such a cute little baby bump. Mine hasn't surfaced yet.. so I'm just waiting! We heard the heartbeat last week and it look them well over 30 minutes and 2 techs to find it. I was in tears so I know how you feel! Glad it was a good strong heartbeat!


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