Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poor Baby

Uh, oh! 

Oh yes, we had a very swollen & reddened ear. 

Last Monday, I noticed Maddox's lip of his ear was draining clear fluid & appeared to be slightly swollen and red.  After his nap, it was much much worse and by Tuesday morning when we headed to his doctor he had a giant red ear. 

Not quite sure what bit him or scratched him or whether it was an allergic reaction or an infection.  But needless to say within 24 hours of starting the antibiotic we could see a big improvement.  And thankfully the culture came back totally clean and we're now back to a NORMAL ear.

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Tales of a young mamma said...

oh my goodness my ear hurts just looking at that! Poor guy

Lindsey said...

poor little maddox - i hope he feels better soon! it just looks painful!

LeAnn said...

Aww Poor baby!

Sassy Amie said...

Glad his ear looks better! Was he complaining of pain because it definitely looks like it would hurt?!?

Three Pairs of Muddy Boots said...

Glad to hear that Little M is doing better. That looks so painful! Poor baby.


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