Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ssshh, It's a SECRET

Have you ever had that really good secret that you couldn't let out of the bag??

Well, I have a really good one & I'm so excited I can finally let the bug out of the bag (well partially). Perhaps you've heard some of the buzz already coming from Kolcraft... or perhaps you've seen Wally Wonderbug buzzing around??

That cute little buggy creature...

who's becoming Kolcraft's newest biggest hit...their NEW ENTERTAINER.  He's sure to be the BIGGEST BUZZ around!  Plus, he won't be your "normal" entertainer... he'll help teach basic cause & effect relationships. He's sure to grow with your child. And did I mention he LOVES to travel along with you & your family?

And because Wally is going to be such a big hit he'll have his very own micro-site complete with games for your kids including a Flat Wally page!

As I mentioned I can only let the bug out of the bag least until January (so stay tuned). You're not going to want to miss Wally & his female counterpart (Wanda).  Until then keep your eye out for the Wally Wonderbug Contest & be sure to keep your eye on their Facebook page because you're not gonna want to miss it.

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