Thursday, December 30, 2010

The White Stuff...

As I mentioned in my Christmas post...we had our 1st White Christmas!
And boy was it pretty!

Plus not only was it a White Christmas it was the first snow that Maddox could really enjoy.  And let me just say he absolutely loved it.  In fact he would cry when we made him come in.

Please ignore the fact that my child is all bundled up except for his hands.  I had not bought him any gloves because frankly it doesn't snow very often & I knew he wouldn't leave them on. 
Well, I wish I would have bought some.  We did end up resorting to putting a couple pairs of socks over them. 

So, now I'm on the search for a pair of gloves...and guess what...I can't find any!

But with or without gloves we absolutely loved the snow!

And for reminiscing...
It's so hard to believe how much has changed over the past year....he can definitely enjoy it a lot more this year.

Last Winter

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous jealous!! Your little man looks just precious in the snow and you're right, has changed so much in just a year!!

Happy New Year!!

Amo said...

Hey! I am a new follower through Airplanes and Dragonflies. The snow looks beautiful. I love the snow! Unfortunately, it doesn't snow too often where I live either (Arkansas). And congrats on the new baby! It took us 13 months to conceive our first baby because I have severe endometriosis. I had to have surgery before I could get pregnant. But, now we have 2 boys, Max and Harry!


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