Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What We've Been Up To

So, I know it seems as if I've became 'Just' a giveaway/review blog but honestly I haven't.  Lately I have been taking on a lot of giveaways but I promise after Emma comes it will settle down some.  Not that I will be stopping doing them because as you see I've posted below the header that my dream job is to own a boutique.  However, I do love being a nurse so I have found that by hosting reviews/giveaways on all the things that I love it's my way of doing both. I just love all the cute things & I'm always dying to share them. 

We have been super busy around here preparing for Miss Emma.  I'm sad to say that her room won't be finished in time for her big debut.  But hopefully by April 1st.  I have all kinds of cuteness planned for her room & I can't wait to share it. 

And on the other hand Maddox has been keeping this Mommy (& Daddy) super duper busy.  It seems the terrible two's hit early in this house.  We can throw the biggest & worst temper tantrums ever.  I seriously worry, but I know it's just a phase & hopefully will soon pass.  When he's not throwing them he's the sweetest & cutest thing ever.  But when he is throwing one I just want to cry (& I sometimes do). I feel like a lot of it stems from him not being able to always tell us what he's wanting and quickly becomes frustrated when we don't understand.  I just pray this is a short lived phase!

Plus, I can hardly believe my little baby is almost 18 months old.  It seems like just yesterday that I was taking him to his first pediatrician visit & next week I will be taking him for the BIG 18 MONTH one.  Seriously, where did the time go.  And now I'm less than 6 weeks from having another newborn.  Wow!!

I've also been dying to share one of Maddox's newest favorite things...
his Pup Tent
He often times brings the carry bag to us begging to get it out.

 I just love how excited he gets when you open it.

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Annie said...

you are going to have your hands full!! so exciting though! :)
cute pics of your little guy!!

Ashley O. said...

Aww, Maddox is a cutie! Temper tantrums are no fun! Hope it passes quickly!


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