Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Moving Right Along...

Wow, so it's been a little bit since I've shared pictures of our remodeling...and I do have to say things are starting to move right along.  In fact if Emma stays on schedule for the 28th we just may have it finished (fingers crossed).

The first set of pictures are from Saturday morning...

Emma's room

Office area

Looking Down hallway in to Bonus Room

Bonus Room...unfortunately all of the junk seen such as bookcase is now downstairs taking up space


This past Saturday the guys came & hung all the sheetrock (93 pieces) and boy were they fast.  They finished their end in 4 hours!  They definitely knew what they were doing....

On Monday morning the guy came to start the mudding...
And this is what it looked like afterwards

Emma's room



And this coming Saturday the toilet will be installed, the plumbing connected & the vanity & sink installed. 
We're moving along...

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1 comment:

Running 365 said...

Big improvement! It will all come together and I can't wait to see to see the result of all that hard work!


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