Monday, February 7, 2011

My Oh My; My Baby is 18 Months

So, this post may or may not be almost a month old but being 9 months pregnant sounds like a pretty good excuse to me.
Honestly, these past 18 months have just flown by & Maddox has developed in to such a little boy. 

33 inches (90-97%)
24.6 lbs (25-50%)
A tall & skinny little boy.

A few things we're up to:
  • We love to play with our cars
  • We absolutely love the bath; and I forbid anyone to mention the word (or else you're giving him one)
  • We wear a size 4 diaper & could care less if he pees & poops in it; we're no where close to potty training
  • We have an expanding vocabulary: "dar (car), mama, daddy, juice, bath (lol, of course), ball, this, see,
  • We know where our nose, mouth, belly, feet, eyes, ear are
  • We wear size 18-24 months & size 6 shoes (we're quickly moving in to sz 7 though)
  • We love to go outside

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