Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sophie Marie Carseat Cover Review

Have you ever tried to cover your carseat with a blanket only to have the wind blow it off??
Can we say frustrating. 

And being Emma is being born in the Winter I felt it was necessary to search for a carseat cover.  We have all seen the ones you can buy at baby stores but if you're like me you want something cuter & more fashionable.  Plus there's the controversy about those because they can interfere with the carseat straps so where else would I turn...

And I'm so glad I did, because I found exactly what I was looking for at
Sophie Marie

Sophie Marie is the collaborative endeavor of two sisters who are both moms of little kids.  They absolutely love sewing for children.  Their shop is based out of Pacific Northwest, where they enjoy taking their kids to the zoo, park & the farmer's market together.  They are both very passionate about living the conscientious life, whether it means eating locally grown food or buying used in order to live in a more sustainable way.

I just love their story & think it's absolutely wonderful to see 2 sisters working together. 

They were so generous to send me a carseat cover for review

I love the fact that their covers easily fit over any carseat & that there is no bottom piece to interfere with the carseat straps.  Safety is of course the #1 priority & with theirs I know that I'm not compromising it. 

Each cover has elastic sewn into the outer edge which allows it to be easily stretched around the edge of your carseat.  I had no problems whatsoever applying it to my Chicco KeyFit carseat.  It fit perfectly!

I also love the fact that there is a head flap which I can easily flip down to protect Emma from the wind/snow/rain. 

Another feature that I absolutely love about their cover is that it easily unzips to allow you to get your infant in & out of the carseat without having to remove the cover. 

A MUST in my book!  Who wants to remove a cover every time they need to place their child in & out of the carseat?  Not me.

And another MUST, their covers are machine washable because we all know baby's spit up and we know that it stinks after awhile. 

If you're in the market for a carseat cover or if you have a friend who you don't know what to buy for their shower head over to Sophie Marie for the cutest carseat cover's around.
I promise you won't regret it.
Price: $50.00

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