Monday, March 14, 2011

2 Week's In

Oh yes, as hard as it is to believe we're 2 weeks in with Two Under Two
& I'm still trying to juggle it all.

And I've came to learn that juggling a picture with a newborn & 2 toddlers is quite difficult

Take 1

And with today being Josh's first day back to work I'm flying solo for the first time.  Well, let me rephrase that a bit...because luckily my family lives very close so my Dad will be coming over to help get Maddox out of his crib & in/out of the highchair.  The whole lifting restriction is a bit of a bummer.
But overall I'm flying solo today with Two Under Two. 

Take 2

And, yes I know quite a few of you have been through this & managed...but this is my first time & I'm still trying to get the hang of it.  So any tips will be much appreciated.

Take 3---I Give UP

In our 2 short weeks we have managed to catch a nasty cold, Emma included.  The day after Emma's well-check Maddox (and the hubs)  started a runny nose.  Come Friday poor Emma was gagging on mucus which ultimately led to a choking episode.  And even for this pediatric nurse mom I was freaked! And my still hormonal self felt very guilty & still does that my newborn has a cold (which could be reflux but I'm leaning toward the cold at this point).  Unfortunately I know that I can't control germs & protect my children from getting sick but newborns aren't supposed to get sick.  And at this point I just pray that we all get better soon & that Emma doesn't develop a fever.  A fever would mean that we were on our way to the hospital to rule out sepsis which equals NO FUN! 
So, within our 2 short weeks we've visited the doctor twice!  Once for our well check & again for 2 sick children.  And now we have 2 children on medicine (Maddox for an ear infection & Emma for reflux which is questionable). 

But in these 2 short weeks I have came to love being a Mommy of 2!  I love having a newborn again that is so cuddly & sweet.  And my toddler is growing up so quickly.  He loves to help with everything from throwing things away to the laundry! He understands SOOO much & is becoming quite the little talker.  And he loves to help around the barn with Daddy.  Plus, he has became such a climber which is really keeping us on our toes. 

But I'm also quite exhausted! 

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Jenna said...

I just want to encourage you! You CAN do it, and it sounds like you're doing a great job!! I know it's difficult, but it will get easier!

Running 365 said...

I know it's frustrating not being able to lift Maddox (or anything much else!) but you're doing so great! I loved getting to see all of y'all on Sunday.

Sleppery said...

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Please stop by my blog and return the follow.
Thanks! :)


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