Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Give Up...

Oh, yes I give up...
This morning, I feel as if no other title quite suits.

After many hours of trying to make my blog look like I want without having to pay for a makeover...I GIVE UP! 

After multiple unsuccessful attempts of trying to create a blog button....I GIVE UP!

After running out of storage to post pictures...I GIVE UP & paid the darn $5

After spending 2 hours this morning trying to get Emma to go back to sleep...I GIVE UP! 
(I forgot to give her the reflux med last night...seriously thinking we have reflux)

After multiple attempts to get Maddox to NOT climb...I GIVE UP

And oh yes, notice the blinds broken by the dogs & little eyes looking out of the window...I GIVE UP!

And at 10 AM...I GIVE UP...after within an hour of Maddox being up we have managed to rearrange mom's kitchen, have the dogs lick our hands clean, tear the whole roll of toilet paper off, smear food on the coffee table...I seriously GIVE UP!

After trying to keep a clean house with 2 Under Two...I GIVE UP!

After many weeks of trying to sale our last puppy (yes, we raise dogs)...I GIVE UP!

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Kelly said...

It will get better!! I PROMISE!!!

The Balch Bunch said...

Keep your head up! I remember that feeling not too long ago! Your a wonderful momma! Keep it up!

Running 365 said...

You're super-mom: you'll make it work! I have absolutely no advice, just to remind you that your version of giving up is probably about my version of everyday life, lol. Except I don't have 2 kids to blame for me not getting things done.

allie-mac-fallie said...

aweee you poor girl! I am sooo sorry! I can't help but sing this:
hope tomorrow is better :(

allie-mac-fallie said...

ps i love your new "look" on your blog! I refuse to pay for a new look too but I'm dying for something NEW ... I'm so sick of mine lol


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