Friday, April 15, 2011

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

So, when I think of yesterday I instantly thought of this childhood book

So, okay perhaps it wasn't THAT bad...but it certainly wasn't good.

After being very much pleased with Maddox's nursery furniture from JCPenny's we of course turned to them again.

Note: Yes, I know my child is 6 weeks old.  And it was probably best to order her nursery furniture WAY earlier.  However, we have been doing construction upstairs & just recently got to the point where we were ready for her furniture to go in there.  And beforhand I really didn't have anywhere to store it.

So, 2 weeks ago we placed our order for the furniture I had my eye on.

I was beyond excited...we ordered the crib & dresser!
So of course yesterday when I got the call that it was in I couldn't wait until the hubs got home with it. soon as he brought the crib box it I saw plastered all over it ESPRESSO.  Hello...I ordered Antique White. 

Oh and then it got even worse...not only was the crib the WRONG COLOR it was the WRONG CRIB, WRONG BRAND, AND $150 CHEAPER.  Definitely not the crib I ordered!

But, of course JCPenny would make this right! 
But after an hour & 1/2 on the phone....THEY HAVE SOLD OUT OF THE CRIB I ORDERED!
So, after waiting 2 weeks  for their screwup they have sold out of the crib I wanted.

Not only do I not have my crib...I head back to work in 2 weeks and I want my baby transitioned from bassinet to crib before then. So, there's no time to wait on another crib to be ordered
(not that they even have another white crib that matches)

So, it was off to Babies R' Us to buy the ONLY crib they had in stock.

So, now I have this crib that is White White to go with my
Antique White dresser (which I still happen to love)

So, now I'm trying to convince myself that it doesn't matter that my crib is really white & my dresser is off white.

Umm yes, a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day!

Ok, I'm done complaining now!


Amanda said...

I love the first crib you had your eyes on, but the second crib you got from babies r us is just like the crib for Jackson and we love it! It is very sturdy, easy to adjust heights, and I have received many compliments on it (his is expresso. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Nursery Furniture said...

Its really bad to heard that you get the crib late but be happy now finally got the nice white one.. Its really very beautiful.. Nice choice!
I have a crib but little different from your one..


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