Sunday, May 29, 2011

3 Months

Sweet Emma Louise is 3 Months Old!

Wow, I feel a if these 3 months have just flown by as I've watching a sweet newborn little girl change into an infant.  Emma, you have completely captured your Mommy & Daddy's (and brother) hearts.
We simply couldn't imagine not having you as part of our family.  Your sweetness & sweet baby voice just light up our home. 

In 3 Short Month's You've Been Up to So Much:

  • You're wearing Size 1 Diapers
  • Wearing 0-3 Month Clothing
  • You love too coo & talk to us
  • You smile & laugh all the time; we're just waiting for a full out belly laugh
  • Not quite sure how much we weigh...I would guess around 12 lbs
  • Being Mommy went back to work this month; you now take a bottle quite well (hallelujah) of expressed milk
  • You eat every 3-4 hrs during the daytime

She is such a happy girl! 

  • You sleep in your crib at night but we usually nap in the swing
  • You sleep great at night, typically 8+ hours...this week we even went 10 several nights
  • Your hair has started thinning out
  • You love sitting in your bumbo; you think you're such a big girl
  • You have really started focusing on your hands & whatever you can grab.  It's so funny watching you focus on it.
  • You celebrated at your first party this month; Mommy's birthday
  • You had a ultrasound of your hips this month (more on that later)

  • You are such a sweet baby girl!  We absolutely love you. 

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Samantha said...

Wow three months already!? So cute!

I hope all is well with the ultrasound on her hips. (Our doc talked about that with my boy because of being breech and his legs but he out grew it.)

Rachel C said...

How do you get her to sleep so well?

mmbear said...

What a cutie! I am here from the blog hop and would love a follow back when you get the chance. I hope all this GFC goofs are fixed and we can all get back to normal. You are the first one I am trying today so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it goes thru. Have a great holiday tomorrow!


Running 365 said...

So cute! I hope everything is alright with her hips.


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