Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Attack of the Killer Birds

So, I've read so much about everyone having birds building nests in their wreaths...
well this tops it all (in my opinion)

As I climbed the stairs to come check my email I heard rustling...praying it was just the dogs.  But as I looked behind me I saw they were right there.  As I started freaking out, not knowing if I should grab a hammer or what...I peaked in to Emma's room (thank goodness she was asleep downstairs in the swing) I saw the scariest thing A BIRD flapping it's wings violently against the window.  What was I to do...SLAM THE DOOR!  But then what, it was now trapped in her room.

Okay, so some of you may not think that's the scariest thing but I sure do.  I seriously think I'm more scared of birds than spiders or mice.  Seriously, guys haven't you seen the 1963 movie "The Birds"

And the worst part is I could hear more rustling at the other end of the upstairs...couldn't quite tell if it was in the bathroom or where.  I was now shaking & almost in tears; what was I gonna do, the hubs was at work and I was home alone.  After calling the hubs & hearing that I had to get them out before they pooped on everything I totally freaked.  There was no way I could do this alone!

I resorted to my only other My Dad who happened to be sleeping (he works nights). 
And thanks to my dad, I'm now bird least for now.

So, you ask how did these birds get upstairs?

This is my guess.

Notice how I've blocked it off until the hubs gets home.  
A better reason for him to hurry up & complete our remodeling.

Because apparently they've built a nest in our dormers...notice the small crack in the roof of the dormer where they're getting in.  And notice all the wonderful bird poop.

Now was that scary or what?

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Taylor Elise said...

Birds, especially when inside, are scary! "The Birds" scarred me at an early age too so I would have done the same thing. Dad's are always good for these type of situations!

Carrie said...

LOL, I am so sorry that you had to deal with that even though it tickled me. I'm not afraid of birds, however if it had been cockroaches or ticks, I would have been done.

I'm your newest follower from the Almost Friday Blog Hop!

Running 365 said...

I'm glad you and Emma didn't get pecked!


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