Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Emma's Hips

As I mentioned in Emma's 3 Month post...we had to visit the hospital this past week for a hip ultrasound. 

Have you ever wondered why your pediatrician  twists & maneuver's your newborn/infant's hips...they're typically checking for hip clicks which could signify hip dysplasia.

However, I didn't quite realize how much they also examine the skin folds...apparently in ruling out hip dysplasia they also check for symmetry.  And unfortunately Emma's skin folds are not symmetric.  The one leg has much more prominent folds which could be a sign of hip dysplasia because only 25-30% (from what I saw on the internet) of normal newborns folds are not symmetric.

So, after assessing that her skin folds were assymetric at her 1 & 2 month check ups we were off for an ultrasound.

Sweet Emma Lou waiting on them to call us back to radiology.

All ready!

Despite the fact that it took FOREVER to finish the ultrasound Emma did wonderful! She was so content almost the entire time.

And even though they're hard to make out...the screen in the background shows the multiple ultrasound pictures of Emma's hips.

And I'm happy to report Emma's hips are PERFECT.  Both hips stay in socket which means no dypslasia!

Praise The Lord!!!

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Shelly said...

Good news! Glad that she is perfect! We had some hip dysplasia when my baby girl was born and she had to wear this pavlic harness from the orthopedic dr. for 6 weeks. It was very annoying but it fixed her hip issue. It just put her behind on her development a bit since she couldn't be on her tummy for almost 2 months.

Samantha said...

aw so glad everything turned out fine! She is too cute ;)

Running 365 said...

Yay! She's so cute in the picture waiting for the doctor.

allie-mac-fallie said...

oh that is great news! :) so happy for you! Praise God!

Rachel C said...

That must be a big relief! I'm happy for you guys :)


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