Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Weekend Recap...

Wow, what a fun filled & busy weekend!
Not only was my sister's prom on Saturday but my brother graduated from college.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend both.  I ended up helping my sister get ready so my parents could attend the graduation. 

So proud of him!

Even though I would have loved to attend his graduation I had lots of fun helping my sister get ready.
From hair to makeup to pictures.
But what a day!

Our area high schools always visit the park for pictures beforehand. So, the hubs & I along with Maddox & Emma tagged along to take pictures & admire all the pretty dresses.

My Sister & her boyfriend/date

Daddy & Maddox enjoying a walk

Sweet Emma managed to sleep through the entire thing.

Maddox exploring the limo

Needless to say,Friday & Saturday completely exhausted me so unfortunately we skipped church & slept in trying to rest up for another busy work week.
But what a wonderful weekend!

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