Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Emma's Baptism

This past Sunday was a very special day for our family... we had our sweet Emma Louise baptised.
Which is such a special occasion for us.
We were so blessed to have our family & some close friends to celebrate the day with. 
There's just nothing like spending a day with your loved ones.

My grandmother made the sweetest dress for Miss Emma & she wore her ruffle bottom bloomers that I blogged about here.  I'll have to share a few close ups of sweet Emma's dress later.  It's absolutely gorgeous with smocking & lace.  Absolutely perfect for our sweet princess.

And being it was such a special occasion we even kept Maddox in the big church. We wanted him to be a part of it as well. We typically have him go to the nursery because "being quite" and "being a toddler" don't go together.  So, we loaded up with his magna-doodle (which I must add is a wonderful thing) & some fruit loops and I have to say he did wonderful.  With the occasional chattiness typically about a "boat" being that's his all-time favorite thing we managed to sit as a family of 4 throughout the whole service. 

After the service we all set down for a wonderful meal with our families & our Pastor's family.

And of course no meal is complete without some sweets to share.

M&M treat bags (Personalized bag labels courtesy of Cutiepie Decor--giveaway & review to come this week)

Seriously delicious homemade strawberry cupcakes made by your's truly
complete with adorable cupcake toppers from Cutiepie Decor

Such a special touch to Emma's day.

I can't even begin to say how much of a blessing it was to have our families there with us.

 Our Pastor & His Wife

And a day's not complete without the children getting hot & sweaty....

I just can't get over how big Maddox & his cousin (Paisley) are getting. 

And how sweet is this...

I'm so happy that everyone had such a wonderful time!

Have I ever mentioned how difficult it is to get a family picture...Take 20 & this is what we got

My parents

Josh's parents with our sweet lil ones

Such a wonderful day all around!


Samantha said...

Aw how special!

I nominated you for a blog award :)

Sassy Amie said...

What a special day. God Bless Emma :)


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