Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Cabbage Patch Review & SAVINGS

If there is one thing you can never have enough of it is bibs.  Seriously, can we talk about how many bibs you go through in just one day... And if you're like me you always hate to cover up a cute outfit with a bib. But what if the bib is just as cute as what's under it. 
Well, over at The Cabbage Patch that's exactly what she offers.
Just check out some of my absolute fav's:

Check out her reversible bibs...not only do you have a cute personalized side but the other side is just as cute so you can flip it over if it gets dirty

And each bib comes prewashed & ready to wear. Perfect for that baby shower gift.

The Cabbage Patch was so generous to send Emma a super cute zebra print bib that is beyond adorable...

See, I told you both sides were adorable...
And I love the fact that there is 3 different snap's so it's sure to fit for a long time.
And it's the perfect size to cover up while eating.

And now
The Cabbage Patch would like to offer
with the
Coupon code: BLOG10

I honestly can say you won't be sorry with her bibs.  They're absolutely adorable & so very well made. 
Not only will the size last & grow with your child the bib will last as well...because it's that well made.

And be sure to head over to Facebook and like her so you can see all her beautiful creations
and check out her adorable blog

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Jennifer said...

These are SO cute! I'm heading over there now! Thanks so much for sharing!


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