Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Weekend

Well needless to say our weekend consisted of me working ALL WEEKEND, major bummer. And lets just say it wasn't a fun weekend at work...but hey gotta pay the bills. And I'm super thankful to have a job...
Plus I'm sure Maddox & Emma enjoyed hanging out with their Daddy all weekend.

And luckily we had Friday to hang out as a family...

Maddox enjoyed some golfing with Daddy

And Emma & I enjoyed hanging out having Girly time!
Can't wait to turn our girly time into mani's/pedi's, hehe. 

Oh, and lately Maddox has had such an obsession with my phone...he loves playing all the fun kid apps. 
And evidently loves Instagram as well because I recently found this picture in my photo album

Gotta love random pictures!

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