Monday, August 1, 2011


Oh yes, that's T-W-O whole years!
Maddox Renn has went from this
little guy

to a toddler!

Seriously, these past 2 years have flown by and everyday I look at him I realize what a "big boy" he's become...

We're up to so many things these days
(we're one busy boy):

  • Weighing in at 26 lbs (25-50%) & 35 inches (75%)  tall
  • Wearing 18-24 months & 2T
  • Wearing size 7 shoe
  • Still not talking a lot...can say mama, daddy, sissy, ball, "ba" for beach, coca-cola, please, shoes, uh-oh, bubble, bye, hello, boat, pool, no fact we can say pretty much whatever but only when we want to!
  • LOVES the outdoors
  • Absolutely loves the beach
  • Such a Daddy's boy
  • Knows all his body parts (nose, ear, hand, knee, belly, etc.)
  • Understands EVERYTHING (which is bad & good)
  • Loves sweets
  • Loves to help his Daddy work
  • Loves bubbles
  • Loves to be silly & make other's laugh
  • Beginning to get interested in potty training...went pee pee in the potty twice at the beach :)
  • We're one busy boy

And from the moment we first met him we knew we were in love with this little guy!

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet boy!

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